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الجمعة, أيلول (سبتمبر) 18, 2015 - 02:46 by

لن أنسى قط يوم السّبت الواقع في 25 تموز 2015 حين قرّر أفراد عائلتي لمَّ الشّمل في قرية من شمالِ لبنان اعتدنا أن نلتقي فيها على نحوٍ دائمٍ في فصل الصّيف. أعلمتهم أنّه من الصّعب عليّ الحضور. لكنَّ الجميع أصرّ على وجودي بينهم حتى تبيّن لي لاحقًا أنهم بصدد مفاجأتي للاحتفال بذكرى مولدي. وعدتهم بالانضمام إليهم عند المساء فاقتضى عليَّ تأدية عملي في سهل البقاع ذلك الصّباح.

أمّا عن مهامي في مؤسسة الرؤية العالمية  فتقتصر على إجراء مقابلات مع اللاجئين...

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الاثنين, آيار (مايو) 19, 2014 - 07:49 by

“We would like to recommend the Government of Albania… raise awareness of a child’s right to participate in the family and in the community.” As the statement was read out, I wanted to shout out loud, to get up and dance, but restrained myself to a slight, UN-appropriate smile. How fitting these words should come in the year we celebrate the 25th birthday of the ...

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الخميس, آيار (مايو) 15, 2014 - 21:57 by Alina Shrestha

As a mother of two young children and a development worker in a child-focused organisation, ensuring child well-being lies at the heart of my home and work. Often in my visits to different regions of Nepal I come across children who do not experience the fullness of life we envision for them. There are many reasons for this: poverty and lack of access to much-needed resources are just the beginning. 

Poverty might set limitations on child well-being, but parents...

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الاثنين, آذار (مارس) 10, 2014 - 12:47 by Lucy Murunga

“The violence in South Sudan has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced and homeless. 
Many of them are children, forced to flee their country to seek relative refuge in neighbouring countries.  Last month I visited Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp with World Vision and saw first hand the emotional trauma still haunting many. 
Three teenagers I met at that camp still stick out in my mind.  In the...

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