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Stories After Syria: Messages for the world from within Za'atari Refugee Camp

Growing up with muddy grounds, caravan homes and a perimeter of barbed wire can make you feel trapped.


Syria Refugee Camp

That's the view for the 80,000 people living in Za'atari Refugee Camp. Many of them have been there since the start of the Syrian war, seven years ago. Others have spent most of their formative years there, growing up in this contained environment.

World Vision met with some of these children, whose dreams are to become journalists. We asked them: If you had a message to share with the world, what would it be?

"I want Syria to go back as it was before the war, everything in it, and we live safely in it, stability, everything to go back as it was, houses, shops, and people go back to their work and families, their country."  - Nisreen, 16

"Peace is very important because it will decrease the killing of innocent people and people will unite. The traditions will also unite." - Nagat, 16

"The message I want to convey to the world is that no one should stop dreaming. Go after your dream and you can make it come true." - Marah, 18

"I have a message to all the students. Never give up on your dream despite any situation whatsoever. They should read and work hard. They should build their own country by work and education and working hard." - Tabarak, 16

"A lot of people have misconceptions about the camp, but after they come here and see it, they are surprised to find that we're living a normal life" - Yousef, 16

"I want the world to know that the people here inside the camp have talents, dreams and ambitions. We didn't think would be able to have that when we first came here, but as the camp grew and more and more organizations started working here we started going to school, started new hobbies and started making friends." - Obada, 15

"You all have to help our children. Whether it's in Palestine, Syria or Iraq. Look at the news. Look at our children." -Mahmoud,14