World Vision Cambodia

Act Now!

You can help reduce malnutrition in Cambodia!

Investing in nutrition is something we can all do. In fact, it’s something we all need to work together on to make a difference!

1. Help share the message of Child Health Now on social media

Tell others about the impacts of malnutrition by sharing the Child Health Now First 1000 Days video clip on your Facebook page and “like” World Vision Cambodia on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep updated.

2. Know the nutritional status of you and your family members.

Sometimes malnutrition is hard to see; monitoring your child’s nutritional status through regular visits to the Health Centre and monitoring growth at home is important, especially for children under the age of 2.

Find out more about the impacts of malnutrition.

3. Try to purchase nutritious foods.

Not all the food we eat is very nutritious. Make sure you and your family eat fruit, vegetables, oils, fish and meat every day, not only rice.

You can also purchase more fortified foods at the market by looking for food that has this special logo (especially fish and soya sauce).

But remember, babies should only be fed breast milk, with no other food or water, until they are six months of age.

Find out more about food fortification.

4. Attend Child Health Now events or volunteer

 Email us if you’d like to be updated on Child Health Now events that you can attend or volunteer at. Email your name and which province you live in to