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publication • Tuesday, April 23rd 2019

Cambodia Sustainable Business Development

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Through Cambodia Sustainable Business Development (CSBD) Project, 3,690 active Agriculture Cooperative (AC) members from 38 ACs have improved livelihood for well-being of their children in three target provinces by 2019.

Here is one of their stories:

Samakki Phnom Pich Borei Agricultural Cooperative (AC), established in 2014 in Srabal village, Phnom Penh commune, Kulen district, Preah Vihear province. The AC started with 197 members and 1993 shares. Cost per share is 20,000KHR, making the whole capital is equal to 39,860,000KHR ($9,965 USD).

During the first two years of formation, Phnom Pich Borei limited its role to offering a credit scheme to its members. Excitedly, its turning point hit in 2016, where businesses were formed and gradually expanded. Those included selling rice seed and organic fertilizer to its members, producing and selling organic rice to companies, supplying pure drinking water, and providing services on rice harvesting. Download the attached file for the full story...