Health and Nutrition

What we want:

We want to see improved provision and utilization of Health and Nutrition services.

What's the problem?

Many children and mothers have access to only low quality and inadequate health care. What follows are some statistics which illustrate the weaknesses in the current system. 

  • Only 64% of women receive pre-natal care.
  • 60% of babies are born without the support of qualified medical staff.
  •  Only 22 % of children were fully immunized in compliance with the recommended schedule, before 12 months of age
  • Some 13.5% of children are wasting from malnutrition. 

What is World Vision doing to address these issues? 

Our staff are working hard to ensure:

  • Immunization coverage is improved.
  • Community knowledge about the importance of immunization and the need to protect children against diseases is improved.
  • Ensure the timely management of diseases and malnutrition is improved:
  • The prevalence of common diseases has decreased;
  • The capacity of communities to create an enabling environment to adopt recommended health and nutrition practices is improved

What's the impact?

  • 47% of children with suspected pneumonia were taken to a qualified health provider,
  • 47% of children who had from diarrhea received appropriate treatment.