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publication • Friday, May 1st 2015

Stop at nothing: what it will take to end preventable child deaths

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As we approach the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), we have the chance to build on the extraordinary progress that has been made in reducing extreme poverty and improving child well-being, and to set the direction for ensuring a fairer world for all children.

The past 15 years have shown us that this dream is within sight. A world where the next generation can not only survive but thrive is possible. A world where the number of children dying from preventable causes is zero, not 6.3 million. A world where children going hungry is nothing but a memory. A world where children know nothing of abuse, violence, war or labour. It is possible if individuals, corporations, organisations, leaders and governments stop at nothing to see that world become a reality. And the best place for them to start is with the post-2015 agenda.

This new analysis from World Vision shows how far some countries are from reaching those most vulnerable children, and how much longer it will take them to end preventable child deaths if nothing is done. In order to end preventable child deaths, governments must:

      • Identify the most vulnerable children and provide them with resources
      • Increase investment in quality, accessible health services with sufficient trained staff
      • Improve nutrition
      • Listen to children

The progress made in the last 15 years has shown us that together we can change lives. Let's stop at nothing to put an end to preventable deaths of children. 

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