WV Child Protection Systems Approach

Protection of girls and boys: World Vision's Systems Approach

World Vision uses a systems approach to address root causes of violence against girls and boys by empowering key actors to work together to create a protective environment that cares for and supports all children, especially the most vulnerable. 

World Vision works at all levels of the protective environment for children, beginning with children themselves to:

  • EMPOWER GIRLS and BOYS through positive youth development & asset building to be influential protection actors in their environment through parenting supports and services
  • STRENGTHEN FAMILIES through parenting supports and services so that families respect, nurture and protect all girls and boys 
  • PARTNER WITH COMMUNITIES through sustained dialogue & collective action to promote positive norms and protective behavior toward girls and boys 

  • CATALYZE FAITH COMMUNITIES through mobilization and capacity building to be safe for boys and girls, and transform social norms that cause harm to them 

  • INFLUENCE GOVERNMENTS through social accountability at all levels to take appropriate measures to ensure the protection of girls and boys

Download the graphic to learn more about World Vision's System's Approach to Child Protection.