Child being checked for malnutrition in Cambodia

Reason #1,204:

“A child’s lunch box full everyday”

Sponsor a child today

There have never been more reasons to sponsor a child than right now.

Children all over the world are experiencing the effects of hunger. For some of us, the rising cost of food means eating out less. For others it means not eating at all.

Nearly 50 million people in 45 countries face starvation - and hundreds of thousands of children could die.

But you can make a difference and help a family put food on the table.

Sponsor a child today

When you choose to sponsor a child, you can change the lives of children facing starvation and impending famine.

You help your sponsored child, as well as their family and their community to tackle the toughest challenges they face and find lasting solutions. For example, training in agricultural cultivation methods helps people to manage their land effectively and feed their families.



Sponsor a child today

There are so many reasons to sponsor a child. When you choose to sponsor, you provide lasting change that impacts not just one child, but their entire community.

Boy with backpack in Asia

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