10 things you need to know about human trafficking

Inside this book are testimonies from women, girls and boys who have lived through the fear or trauma of trafficking and now choose to share their experiences. In the absence of accurate statistics, these stories from survivors become very important. They fill the gaps in our knowledge. They reveal not only the scope, but also the methods of trafficking, helping to identify emerging issues and find stronger means to combat them. These stories reveal that, although poverty is a cause of vulnerability, it is vulnerability and not poverty that causes trafficking. They highlight the lack of protection or interest in areas where the most difference could be made – at family, community and authority level. And they paint a personal portrait of the industry, the tricks and trends of trafficking, and the heroes and villains enmeshed within it. Whether your strategy to reduce trafficking is based on rights, law, or compassion, the broader view of the industry that these stories provide will enhance your arguments and increase your impact.