Child Protection Index Infographic

The Child Protection Index (CPI) is a tool that measures government efforts to protect children using benchmarks established by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and reviewing these benchmarks under five dimensions of government action: the creation of laws, the availability of services, the capacity to protect and care for children, accountability mechanisms to verify government’s good actions and coordination protocols that link various government actors and services together.

MEER regional staff designed the Index framework that includes over 600 indicators, developed a methodology for data collection and partnered with ChildPact (a regional coalition of civil society) to collect data for Index population in nine countries across the Balkans and Caucasus (Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania and Serbia). In this way, the Index is jointly owned by World Vision, ChildPact and national coalitions in nine countries.

This partnership is built out of the comparative advantage of each partner: World Vision managed the creation of the framework, visualisation and policy analysis; ChildPact managed the review process of the Index framework and coordination with the nine national-level coalitions; and the national coalitions managed the data collection and coordination amongst their respective membership.