Food Security

World Vision believes that every child and family have the right to enough nutritious food each day to live a healthy life.

Meeting immediate food needs helps free vulnerable households from having to devote their time and energy to securing the most basic components of their diet and helps ensure they have the means to invest in making their farms more productive, their meals more nutritious, and their children more highly educated, cared for and protected. To ensure children and families do not have to go to bed hungry, World Vision provides life-saving food assistance to communities, schools and vulnerable groups.

General Food Distributions

Where crisis or conflict disrupt livelihoods and markets, World Vision provides sustenance and stability. From Malawi to South Sudan, World Vision is saving lives today by providing emergency food relief.

Cash Transfers & Food Vouchers

Where markets are available, but food is unaffordable, World Vision works with shop keepers, banks and telecommunication providers to deliver cash transfers and food vouchers. From Iraq to Lebanon these programmes are boosting the local economy, while giving families, choice, dignity and diversified diets.

School Feeding Programmes

Where students drop out of school in search for food or work, World Vision and partners implement school feeding programmes. From Nicaragua to Mozambique, these allow students to focus on their studies and learn the skills needed to build a hunger-free tomorrow.

Vulnerable Group Feeding

When babies are acutely malnourished or persons are living with severe illnesses, World Vision works to provide extra nutritional supplements. From Lesotho to emergencies, vulnerable group feedings ensure the least of these are prioritised first to build a hunger-free future.