World Vision International

One Goal Campaign: Nutrition for Every Child

One Goal: World Vision's Innovative New Campaign in Partnership with the Asia Football Confederation

One Goal seeks to bring awareness to the issue of child malnutrition in Asia and powerfully inspire and mobilise the football community to take action to increase the number of children in Asia who survive and thrive. 

Reaching the Goal - Nutrition for EVERY child:

  1. Increase the Number of Children (0-5 years of age) who are well nourished
  2. Increase the number of children (6-18 years of age) who adopt a healthy lifestyle
  3. Increase grassroots football activities in Asia

How?  Leveraging the power of over 1.4 billion Asian Football Fans in Asia through igniting a movement driven by a robust football platform, in support of improved child nutrition based on World Vision’s programing and advocacy expertise.

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