It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children

Our global campaign, It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children aims to catalyse a movement of people committed to keeping children safe. 
Violence knows no boundaries. It takes many forms and is limits the future of children living in Asia Pacific. It includes:

We are relentlessly taking action to end violence against children by highlighting its occurrence, empowering young people to speak out, and holding those responsible accountable.

We know we can’t end violence against children alone. That's why we’re working with over 200 partners around the world to build a powerful movement for change.

We are working with community leaders to strengthen child protection mechanisms in target communities. We are addressing issues of physical violence at home and in school, sexual abuse, child labour, child trafficking, and child marriage.

Within our project areas, World Vision helps organise child forums, and partners with local leaders, parents, educators, law enforcers, social workers, and communities of various faiths to support child protection initiatives.

End Child Marriage

End Child Marriage

Asia is home to a high number of children who are forced to marry for economic, cultural, and familial reasons. Ending child marriage is one of the major concerns that needs to be addressed in the region.

Let’s make the world safer for children. Be part of our campaign in protecting children from violence. It takes you. It takes us. It takes a world to end violence against children.