Food Security

Livelihoods and Resilience

Goal: Improved livelihoods and resilience for youth, households, and communities so as to enhance the wellbeing of children

We achieve the above goal as World Vision Kenya Livelihoods and Resilience as we;-

  • Enhance capacity of households and youth for economic empowerment
  • Improve food production for nutrition and market for targeted households
  • Improve management of conflict sensitive water & environmental resources for sustainable livelihood among targeted households
  • Strengthen institutions and communities in disaster prone areas to mitigate and respond to emergencies and disasters

Achievements: Financial Year 2018 (Oct 2017-September 2018)

Major Accomplishments 

Livelihoods Sector Approach: Emerging Issues

World Vision’s Livelihoods work is focused on building productive and resilient livelihoods that directly supports all aspects of Child Wellbeing by addressing the underlying drivers of:

Project Models:

We use the following core models to implement Livelihoods and Resilience projects: Savings for Transformation, Building Secure Livelihoods Ultra Poor Graduation and Microfinance (VisionFund Kenya).

Areas of Focus:

1. Irrigation

2. Agroforestry

3. Water Harvesting

4. Crop production

5. Livestock Farming

6. Fish Farming (aquaculture)

7. Conservation Agriculture

8. Organic Farming

9. Pest Control

10.Post Harvest and Storage technologies

11.Marketing and Marketing Systems

12. Technical Skills for Employment

13. Financial Inclusion through savings and credits, as well as micro-insurance products

14. Small retail business in urban areas

15. Climate Change and Environmental Management

16. Agricultural extension

17. Value Chains development

Projects and Grants: