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publication • Thursday, October 25th 2012

Citizen Voice and Action Project Model

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An effective approach to increase local government accountability.

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Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) mobilises and equips citizens to monitor government services, and facilitates an advocacy methodology that results in the improvement of inadequate government-provided services. CVA is often used as a component of other projects to improve relevant government services for the well-being of children. Key services, such as health and education, are delivered effectively and contribute towards the well-being of children, due to the impact of CVA in improving relationships between citizens, government and service providers.

Project Model Appendices

  1. Appendix A - Case Study from Armenia
  2. Appendix B - Case Study from Uganda
  3. Appendix C - CVA Guidance Notes
  4. Appendix D - Contributions to Child Well-being
  5. Appendix E - Illustrative logframe


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