World Vision International

Improved sanitation - No more latrine!

Every child deserves a school with safe drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, and hygiene education!

But 90% of the children in remote areas of Mongolia don't have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Due to improper sanitation children can catch diarrheal diseases and other infections.

Improved hygiene education, access to clean water, better sanitation has shown to increase attendance and educational performance in schools and have long-term effects on health and completing school.

Adequate sanitation facilities improve hygiene education and the general well-being of children, teachers and their families.

In the past 2 years World Vision, Mobicom Corporation, and Provincial Governments came together to make a change.

Now 15,000 children have access to clean water and sanitation facilities, with an opportunity to study in a comfortable environment.

Watch more on how a simple sanitation facility is improving the lives of Mongolian children.