World Vision to cease operations in Kosovo

World Vision has decided to cease operations in Kosovo, a process which typically requires several months to fulfil local government obligations. Over 23 years, World Vision has operated in more than 16 municipalities in Kosovo, bringing positive change in the lives of more than 10,000 children and their families, including access to education, protection, sustainable income generation, food and better care within their homes and communities. These achievements were made in mutually respectful collaboration with government institutions, partner organizations, donors and especially children and their communities, to whom we are deeply grateful.

Our decision to leave the country comes after our agreement with the municipality was terminated in July 2021. Until that point, we had 10 local staff in Kosovo supporting the programme to strengthen child protection, equip youth with skills to succeed, and transform lives through sponsorship. We regret the effect our departure will have on the vulnerable communities with whom we worked but respect local oversight of NGO activities.

Although World Vision is exiting from Kosovo, our presence in and commitment to the region continues. We remain fully willing to collaborate with our partners, to contribute to the well-being of children, families and communities in need in Kosovo. This decision does not affect the microfinance operations affiliated with World Vision.