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Education Cannot Wait

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World Vision has been a close collaborator with Education Cannot Wait (ECW) since its establishment in 2016. Our collaboration works towards creating a world where all children and youth affected by crises can learn free of cost, in safety and without fear, in order to grow and reach their full potential. We work together to ensure that crisis-affected children are provided with continuous, safe, quality learning, particularly for the most vulnerable children including girls and children with disabilities, so that they are afforded the opportunity to complete their education and thrive and prosper. 

At the country level, World Vision actively participates in or coordinates with other NGOs and CSOs in some clusters – coordination platforms consisting of governments, donor agencies, civil society, and others to respond to humanitarian crises and emergencies – that ECW operates through to help ensure that humanitarian responses meet the education needs of the most marginalised children and youth. World Vision is a partner in several ECW programs and is also a member of the ECW High Level Steering Group and Executive Committee at the global level. 

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