Global partnership to end violence against children conference

Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children


World Vision has been partnering with the End Violence - Global Partnership to End Violence against Children since the partnerships inception in 2016 to accelerate progress at all levels to achieve number of SDG focusing on ending all forms of violence against children including child marriage, female genital mutilation and child labour.

During its 3-year partnership, World Vision and End Violence have worked together on promoting evidence-based solutions to end violence, including influencing national governments to become pathfinding countries committed to demonstrate progress in, and develop a case to increase donor funding to, end violence. Through the END Violence financial mechanism, the Fund to End Violence against Children and its auxiliary finding mechanism, Joint Venture Fund to End Violence against Children, World Vision has been principal recipient of six6 grants funding solutions and advocating to end violence against children.  


End Violence and World Vision have been working closely at national and global level to increase the number of governments committing to comprehensive action to end all forms of violence against children. In 11 out 24 pathfinding countries, World Vision is actively engaging with governments to support delivery of their action plans and ensure tangible changes in the lives of children affected by violence. In addition to advocacy, our joint programmes are focusing on strengthening prevention, increasing access to treatment and care for victims, and enhancing community understanding of violence against children.


"Since its launch, World Vision’s It Takes a World Campaign has significantly contributed to growing the global movement to make our planet safer for children."

- Dr. Howard Taylor, Executive Director
Global Partnership to End Violence against Children

Our partnership is founded on the need to change the discourse and mobilise substantial political will to end violence against children. To that end we also developing and promoting public goods to support sector in this task. This includes the INSPIRE package of evidence-based strategies as well as forthcoming investment case for ending violence. World Vision has been closely involved in developing strategies and priorities for End Violence and served in the foundational Executive Committee. In return, END Violence provides strong support to our global campaign It Takes a World To End Violence Against Children.