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Take action to protect children from child labour

Right now, children are working in dangerous and sometimes deadly conditions to mine and produce ingredients used in a wide range of cosmetic products, from eyeshadow to body lotion.

They are often paid less than $2 dollars a day while cosmetic company profits soar. The supply chain is muddy, and it is really difficult to track or check if child labour has provided the ingredients that make up your make-up bag.

Improved supply chain legislation has helped improve the practices of companies on paper in recent years, but we’re still waiting to see that translate into change on the ground as research shows that child labour levels are increasing. 

Words alone are not enough. We need action! Cosmetic companies must do everything in their power to eliminate child labour in their supply chains. 

How can you help protect children?

  1. Learn more about the issues impacting child labour and educate your friends about the hidden #priceofbeauty. Read the Price of Beauty report and share it with your friends.
  2. Check the ingredients in your cosmetics bag and ask the companies you buy from what they are doing to keep their supply chains free of child labour. Add your name above.
  3. Ask your elected leaders to enact and/or strengthen the supply chain legislation in your country. Check the consumer pledge here.
  4. Support World Vision's work to protect vulnerable children around the world. Sponsor a child today.

How is World Vision working to protect children?

For more than 70 years, World Vision has been making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children through sustainable community development.

We work with communities and make them aware of their rights. We inform communities about legislation, so they know what they are entitled to and can fight for a fair price for their produce

When they have a fair price for their produce they can afford to send their children to school rather than into child labour – World Vision also works with communities to build schools, support students with supplies and provide school meals so that children can go to school, concentrate and learn

We create child parliaments At World Vision we know that children must be listened to and taken seriously. Our child parliaments empower children and young people to fight for their rights, and the rights of the most vulnerable children, like those forced into child labour. These child parliaments bring about real change.

We advocate globally – we work with local and international governments to call out injustice and provide realistic solutions to barriers that many face.

You can support our work and help protect children by becoming a child sponsor. Find out more here

A sponsored girl from Malawi

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