Haiti Earthquake Response One Year Report Cover

Haiti Earthquake Response One Year On Report

One year ago, following the earthquake of August 14, 2021, in the southern part of Haiti, World Vision staff in Haiti assisted affected families by specifically focusing on addressing urgent water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), food, shelter, health, and child protection needs. Resources from diverse sources, such as private funding, grants, pre-positioned emergency supplies, food commodities, and  gifts in kind (GIK) were leveraged to serve the most vulnerable families in the hardest-hit areas — the majority of which were unreached by other forms of aid — in the three (3) municipalities most affected in the Nippes department: Baradèrès, Petit Trou and l'Asile. August 14th marks one year since the earthquake. Now, one year later, World Vision has been able to provide support to more than 155,000 people.

  • Emergency response activities reached and/or educated 148,598 people on hygiene (handwashing) and COVID-19 prevention, and 79,102 school children have received medications for worms and intestinal parasites.

  • We distributed shelter items to 22,017 people. These kits included tarpaulins, mattress sheets, pillowcases, clothes, kitchen kits, etc.

  • We provided 34,410 people with food vouchers (each voucher is valued at 60 US dollars), seeds to 2,500 families and 252 families received goats

  • Our teams rehabilitated and rebuilt three schools.

  • Child-Friendly Spaces provided children with psychosocial first aid, educational stimulation, a safe place to play, and a sense of structure in their disrupted lives were established in the Nippes and South Departments.