World Vision Kenya Annual Report 2023

World Vision Kenya Annula Report
Monday, March 11, 2024

World Vision Kenya is pleased to present the Annual Report for the Financial Year (FY) 2023, which covers our work and impact from October 1st, 2022 to September 30th, 2023.

In this period, our transformative projects reached over three million people (1,934,341 children & 1,495, 512 adults) showcasing our impactful efforts in transforming the lives of vulnerable children and communities across Kenya.

We appreciate the vast achievements in the different focus areas we operate in - from Child learning and Household Resilience to Disaster Management and Climate Change, geared towards bringing meaningful impact on the lives of millions of vulnerable children and their communities.

We extend gratitude to our Board of Directors, donors, institutional stakeholders, partners, supporters, and dedicated staff, who work tirelessly in some of the most difficult and hard-to-reach places to transform the lives of children and communities. Without them, none of these achievements would have been possible.