Disaster risk reduction work by World Vision Indonesia (Wahana Visi)

Disaster risk reduction work in Indonesia

World Vision International - Indonesia focuses on grassroots engagement to enhance communities’ ability to cope with disasters and climate change impact. We collaborate and synchronise all of the modalities from all stakeholders, including government, community, academia, private sector, and media.



Build communities’ resilience to absorb, adapt, and transform the risks of natural hazards and agile environment through the following strategies:

1. Improve community-based disaster risk management

2. Support local actors of disaster risk reduction and empower local wisdom

3. Strengthen the integration of gender, disabilities, and child protection in disaster risk reduction – climate change adaptation initiatives

4. Encourage private sector’s involvement in disaster risk management

5. Improve early warning systems and disaster monitoring

6. Strengthen safe school initiatives

7. Improve the utilisation of cash and voucher programming



Solid waste management project (PHINLA)

Indonesia rural economic development (IRED)


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