Ending Violence against Children while addressing the global climate crisis

Ending Violence against Children while Addressing the Global Climate Crisis

This presentation highlights the linkages between the global climate change crisis and violence against children, showing how the increased pace of global warming can have a severe impact on children's lives and increase various forms of violence among boys and girls. 

It demonstrates how climate can influence a child's life and which industries play a dual role in worsening the effects of climate change and exploiting children in the process. Finally, it offers a few recommendations of initiatives to invest in that would tackle the negative effects of climate change and lead to increased child protection.


Lavenda Alwaka Ondere, Technical Specialist - Natural Resource Management, World Vision Kenya

Yukiko Yamada Morovic, Livelihoods Technical Director External Engagement & Programming, World Vision International

This is a PowerPoint presentation for the 2021 Child Protection in Humanitarian Alliance Annual Meeting.