Children talking at Women Deliver conference in Kigali

Manifesto of African girls at the Women Deliver Conference for the empowerment of girls and the elimination of violence against children

Women Deliver Conference: 17-20 July 2023, Kigali, Rwanda

As girls from five African countries together with children from all over Africa, we are honored to amplify our voices before, during and after the Women Deliver Conference, the largest global gathering to advance gender equality. We are excited that leaders from governments, civil society, United Nations agencies, donors and faith organisations are here to listen to us and catalyse a global movement in the way the world treats children. Together, we unite to empower girls and end violence against children.

We want to tell our stories, share our experiences, catalyse collective action and hold leaders accountable. We ask for an end to violence against girls, including harmful practices (child marriage and FGM), exploitative child labour, sexual violence and children being associated with armed groups.

Download the manifesto here: