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100 Days On: Ukraine Crisis Response

In the first 100 days of our response, we have established offices and projects in Moldova and Ukraine, with a focus on delivering life-saving assistance to meet the basic and protection needs of refugees, internally displaced people, and host community members in Romania, Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine. We have rapidly scaled up our own projects to implement directly - delivering essential aid to hospitals and host communities in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, working with World Food Programme to hire a team and deliver cash to host communities in Moldova, and creating new programmes giving children safe environments to learn and play in Romania and Georgia.

However, above all this has been a response about partnering, and we are incredibly proud of the wide range of partners we are working with, from coalitions of social workers in Romania, to large international NGOs in Ukraine. In total we have vetted, and are either partnering or planning to work with, 24 national NGOs in Ukraine, Romania and Moldova, 13 government institutions, and 10 international NGOs.

The fluid nature of this crisis, and the scale of the need means over the past 100 days we have frequently needed to adapt and flex our response to meet daily challenges, while also scaling our response to meet the needs of millions. The scale of the numbers being displaced, the damage to infrastructure, and the harm being done to people and places are things we have witnessed in conflicts before.

We know that the needs will be long-lasting and complex, with many opportunities to support emerging. We call on all sides to promote peace, asking and praying that diplomatic solutions can be found in order to halt a worsening humanitarian crisis. Children deserve our very best attempts to keep peace. Our hearts and sincere prayers go out to them and their families.