Advocacy Strategic Measures report - FY22 Global impact

Monday, June 5, 2023

Advocacy is a critical component of World Vision’s ministry. World Vision’s commitment as a community-empowering, child-focused and Christian organisation affirms that advocacy is an imperative to achieve sustained child well-being at scale, so that all children may experience life in all its fullness. Every year, through the Advocacy Strategic Measures (ASMs), we explore how World Vision is enabling children, communities, supporters, coalitions and other partners to engage with and influence local, national and transnational power holders in support of children’s rights and well-being.

The ASMs give us a picture of the amazing results that World Vision offices around the world have achieved, in partnership with children, communities, and allies. This year, every indicator showed an impressive upward trend, demonstrating hope in a world full of threats to children’s well-being. From contributing to raising the age of legal marriage in Zimbabwe to successfully advocating for the criminalisation of sexual violence against children in Indonesia, this report tells the story of how World Vision’s advocacy work has led to real change in the lives of children.