Pilot findings from FAA programme in Jordan

Pilot findings from First Aid Arts Resilience Programme

First Aid Arts (FAA) is an expressive arts intervention that promotes positive psychosocial well-being and resilience by fostering emotional regulation, self-awareness (mindfulness), and interpersonal skills.

In 2019, World Vision Jordan partnered with First Aid Arts to pilot the FAA resilience program in a Syrian refugee camp in northern Jordan. Syrian families living in the camp had experienced a range of adverse experiences: multiple relocations, witnessed violence, lost their livelihoods, homes, and communities, and faced instability and an unknown future. The overarching goal of the WV program was to strengthen the resilience and psychosocial well-being of children and adolescents and prevent and respond to forms of violence against children. The FAA resilience program was one component of a multi-faceted child protection program, which included life skills, parenting, and a community-based Child Protection mechanism.