Impact of War on Ukraine's Children: A Child Protection Report

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Overview: The situation for Ukrainian Children

Since 24 February, 7.5 million children from Ukraine1 have been victims of the largest human displacement crisis in the world today, with lasting consequences for generations to come. Attacks with explosive weapons in populated urban areas continue to inflict civilian casualties, including children, and cause considerable damage to essential infrastructure and services.

As a result, homes, schools, hospitals, water systems, power plants, and places where civilians seek shelter are damaged or destroyed. Children and families have taken refuge in neighboring countries, fled to other parts of Ukraine, or trapped in areas of escalating hostilities. Approximately 5 million children are displaced inside and outside Ukraine.

All these children are at heightened risk of physical harm severe emotional distress and displacement. Without comprehensive action children are at potential risk of separation from their families or primary care givers, gravely neglected if disabled and left in residential institutions that lack essential services and care. For those living in conflict areas, the consequences are event more dire. This report outlines the impact of the conflict on the children and actions that must be taken to mitigate its consequences in the short and longer term.