Our Work

World Vision believes the best way to improve children’s lives is through child-focused development. We work with communities and children through a range of programmes that promote change and improve their well-being. World Vision’s development work aims to ensure that children: 

Children Enjoying Good Health

Dedicated to promoting child well-being in the communities where it works, World Vision Romania strives to improve health through projects targeting both children and parents. Through different educational activities and awareness campaigns, children and adults learn about basic hygiene, about how to protect themselves from diseases and substance abuse, reduce discrimination and offer support to those who are suffering. Also, several hundreds of pregnant women and young mothers are learning how to better care for their children through World Vision health activities.

Children Educated For Life

At the beginning of 2001, hundreds of children from vulnerable rural families were given the chance to make their dream of continuing their education a reality. Through different scholarship projects, children were able to finish high school while also benefiting from educational seminars and social activities designed to help them adjust to living in an urban environment. Also, thousands of other children were able to both enrich their knowledge and find new creative, positive ways to spend their free time as part of different kids clubs set up in rural communities across the country.

Children Experiencing the Love of God and Their Neighbours

Through initiatives such as Youth Bible Curriculum and Choose School!, tens of thousands of Romanian children are involved in activities such as Bible classes, religious painting clubs, competitions on religious subjects, pilgrimage and Christian camps etc. Through the different activities, children have regained a sense of identity, self-respect and new confidence in their abilities. They discover new creative ways to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Their faith is renewed and they experience the love of God and their neighbours – and so do the adults around them.

Children Cared for, Protected and Participating

Through different projects and initiatives more and more children and youth are learning about their rights and responsibilities - both as children and as community members – and are encouraged to express themselves in different ways (through seminars and workshops with different topics – advocacy photography, volunteering etc.)

High school students, especially beneficiaries of the scholarship projects, are proving to be inspired by what World Vision was able to do for them and are excited to get involved and give back some of what they received. Already, they have designed and organised different campaigns (book or toy raising campaigns, clown shows for younger children etc.) to the benefit of rural communities and are gradually being transformed from beneficiaries into contributing volunteers.