UPDATE: Staffer returns to fight Ebola despite tragic loss

The World Vision base manager at Pujehun, Sierra Leone, who lost his daughter to Ebola, has returned to frontline duties in the fight against the disease.

Tamba Nelson resumed his work at World Vision on 10 February. He says his immediate task is to assure his colleagues that he is well and provide effective management for World Vision’s response.

After Mr Nelson’s daughter Rachel contracted Ebola, 16 members of Mr Nelson’s family were placed in quarantine for 21 days in three separate houses.

Four armed guards were positioned around Mr Nelson’s house. Touching people within the quarantined house, sitting close together, and sharing articles such as plates, cups and spoons was forbidden. Visits were restricted.

All family members have now been released and are in good health. In a message posted on Yammer, Mr Nelson said it was by the grace of God that the rest of his family had been preserved and he thanked colleagues for their support.

“On behalf of the Nelson family, I want to thank WV Sierra Leone and the entire Partnership for their prayers and support. I am proud to be a member of the World Vision family,” he said.

Mr Nelson said his experience had made him more determined to observe health messages in relation to Ebola and continue the sensitisation of communities where he works.   

Rachel Nelson, 23, contracted Ebola after caring for a child whose mother had recently passed away because of the disease. Following her death, WV Sierra Leone reinforced Ebola prevention measures to protect staff.