This  Fiscal Year (FY 17) Annual DOP was themed , “…for every child, life in all its fullness”. John 10:10 (NIV)

Inspired by the theme and scripture references, Pastor Joe Abass Bangura, Vice Chair  WVSL Advisory Council, was key speaker of this year’s occasion.

Mr. Bangura eloquently and succinctly hammer home his message of sharing World Vision's mission and vision using a symbol/imagery of three chairs—the job chair, middle chair  and the vision and mission chair.

In like manner, he used the chairs to demonstrate the three categories of staff and how it relates to work in World Vision. The job staff is here for a job in order to get paid. He/she looks at money, not results. He doesn’t do more than he is being paid for; he/she doesn’t promote life in all its fullness; he/she doesn’t leave a legacy. The other staff sits in-between a job and a vision/mission chair. He/she is equally interested in the money as well as the vision and mission.

The vision/mission seat,  PastorJoe Abass says, is a brave way to promote life in all its fullness.This kind of chair is a sacrificial one.It has a lot of challenges, but it is a worthwhile venture  for the well-being of our beloved children.

This left staff with the question: where are you seated? How do you grow passion for Bob Pierce’ vision. That comes by first buying the vision and moving from the job seat to the vision and mission seat.