The World Vision Chad IPD is pleased that the organization is assisting these extremely vulnerable people.

World Vision's response to the influx of Sudanese refugees in Kounoungou - Tchad

“I have left everything behind; I don't even have anything to cover myself against the bad weather”, said Zara Mahamat Hassan, an elderly woman, sitting next to her granddaughter Hawa. 

Like and her granddaughter, more than 30,000 refugees are spread over a distance of more than 1,300 kilometres of extremely porous border that separates the two countries, Chad and Sudan, according to UNHCR estimations. 

Une beneficiaire recevant le kit d'urgence de la main de l'équipe de World Vision










Scattered in small groups over an area set up for the purpose, some refugees use loincloths and women's veils to protect themself from the scorching sunlight. In this area, the temperature can reach 45° Celsius.  

The refugees, mostly children, women, and very elderly people, often arrive at the camp empty-handed, a sign of the haste of their exodus from West Darfur. 

In response to their needs, World Vision has donated households in Kounoungou with 425 emergency kits. The items include mosquito nets, cooking pots, jerry cans, plastic buckets, bars of soap, plastic mats and blankets, among others.  

The Integrated Programs Director, Donatien Bigiraneza, presented kits to the refugees. Present at the ceremony were the representatives of the National Commission for the Reception and Reintegration of Refugees and Repatriates (CNARR), the head of the Kounoungou camp and other humanitarian partners. 

“These kits will help to alleviate the immediate needs of refugees”, said Donatien Bigiraneza. He said in addition to the presentation, World Vision is constructing water tower, toilet facilities, distributing food items and cash among others, to ensure that those in the camps live in dignity.    

These kits have brought smiles to the beneficiaries in the camp of Kounoungou.  Aché Khalta Aderamane, said: “These kits are of great importance to me and my family. We are delighted to have a complete kit for our household. Especially the blanket, mat, mosquito net and can will be of great use to us here, as we didn't take anything with us when we left home. My children can protect themselves against the cold and at least sleep on a mat. Really, thank you to your organization. May God bless you?

Forced displacement within Sudan and into neighbouring countries has continued to increase since the beginning of the armed conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in mid-April 2023, explain UNHCR. 

All the neighbouring countries, Chad, Centrafrican republic, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia impacted by this new emergency were already hosting large numbers of refugees and internally displaced people on insufficient and dwindling levels of humanitarian funding. At the same time, countries like Chad and South Sudan are battling hunger, insecurity, and the impact of climate change.