WASH team

SHE can do anything

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Break the bias” which will guide us throughout the year. In partnership with UNICEF, World Vision Lebanon is implementing phase 10 of the WASH project in Beqaa, and women staff play a big part in the implementation and operation process. Projects like the UNICEF WASH are not only supporting the most vulnerable, but they are also helping the staff. Through this project, women are acquiring more skills to develop their personalities and gain experience in a field they might have never considered before.

WASH team


"I never thought I could make an impression or influence anyone", Zeinab, Hygiene promoter for over three years with World Vision Lebanon says. As a graduate with a nutrition degree and a master's in Science in food, Zeinab senses the positive impact she is making with her work with women. "The females in the conservative communities prefer interacting with women on topics like menstrual hygiene and breastfeeding", she explains, "which gives me more purpose to be here for them".


Christelle, a hygiene promoter with World Vision Lebanon for six years, is proud of the outcome of the work she has been doing. "I can see now the difference we were able to make with our hard work", she says. Being a humanitarian is the best part of her job "I love giving back to the communities, it brings me joy to be here", Christelle explains. During these last six years, she appreciates the many skills she acquired and how much her personality developed. "I am more responsible now and my public speaking progressed a lot because of my daily interaction with many people", she says.


Five years with World Vision, changed Rachelle. As a hygiene officer, with the WASH team, Rachelle was introduced to new cultures. "It took us a while to understand the needs of every Informal tented settlement (ITS) we work in", she explains, "Not every ITS is the same". During her five years with World Vision, Rachelle matured entirely "I learned to take my time and listen till the end and that every person has his dynamic". The most gratifying feeling is when the communities and beneficiaries offer their own space as a location for the sessions to be conducted for her it is a sign of trust and gratitude.



"I am definitely a stronger, more independent person", Maha, a Hygiene promoter for the last seven years with World Vision Lebanon explains.

Going on field trips constantly is essential for the WASH team, which requires interaction with different members from different communities. “My personality improved and developed”, she says.

Besides the personality development, the WASH project created something even more profound to Maha, "My colleagues and I spend a lot of time together so we became like family, the office is my second home", Maha explains.