African Women's Month: Inspiring a Legacy of Empowerment and Transformation

Womans Month Celebration
Lieketseng Makoko (Left) and Lerato Lehela (right) exemplify the power of unity and the rich heritage of African culture.
Friday, September 1, 2023

In a world not so long ago, the voices of women were often muted, their dreams confined to the shadows. But as the curtain falls on African Women's Month, a symphony of strength, courage, and transformation echoes through the corridors of time. This is not just a celebration of the present, but a tribute to the remarkable journey from a past of limited empowerment to a present illuminated by empowered women as agents of profound change.

The Echoes of History

In the tapestry of empowerment, the stories of Esther from the bible and the virtuous woman from Proverbs 31 stand as timeless beacons. These narratives mirror the remarkable journeys of women who have transcended the boundaries of societal norms, igniting sparks of inspiration for a new era. Among these inspiring Women is Nthabiseng Melao an Operations and Administrative officer, whose resounding words echo,

"As women, we truly need to stand in the gap in our work, families, and friendships for their redemption. In these words, the shadows of the past are replaced by a relentless determination to create a better world.

World Vision African Womens Month
Nthabiseng Melao, Operations & Administrative Officer


Clearing Pathways for Progress

Mamello Tsekoa, Grants & Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Manager Specialist, stands as a testament to the transformative power of this movement. Her voice resounds, "Our journey isn't just for ourselves; it's a path we clear for those who will follow." With an experience of limitations, women like Mamello have become trailblazers, pioneers who break down barriers so that others may walk with unburdened strides.

World Vision African Womens Month
Mamello Tsekoa, Grants & Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Manager Specialist


Nurturing Virtues, Cultivating Change

As the verses of Proverbs 31 echo, Lieketseng Makoko, World Vision International Lesotho People & Culture Director, adds her voice to the narrative, "Virtues are the building blocks of change. When we nurture compassion, we sow seeds that blossom into empowerment." Joining her, Mpai Putsoa, the Health, HIV/AIDS & Nutrition Technical Programme Manager, asserts, "Kindness and resilience aren't just strengths; they're tools that mend lives." These voices herald a new era where virtues are nurtured, fostering empowerment that resounds far beyond the self.

World Vision African Womens Month
Lieketseng Makoko, People & Culture Director


Igniting Torches of Courage

In the footsteps of Esther's courage, Tsekoa  proclaims, "Stepping into the unknown take’s courage, but we do so not for ourselves alone. We do it to light a torch for others." A torch that not only lights the path forward but casts away the shadows of hesitation and uncertainty. Alongside her, Lerato Lehela, affirms, "Our actions echo across generations. What we do today paves the way for a better world tomorrow." Their voices merge, painting a picture of a journey where each step taken today builds bridges for those who follow.

World Vision African Womens Month
Lerato Lehela, Executive Assistant to the National Director (right) enjoying meaningful conversation with her colleagues.


Wisdom: The Guiding Star

In the wisdom of the virtuous woman from Proverbs 31, Pulane Mokhethi, Cluster Manager, finds inspiration, "Our wisdom is a mosaic of experiences. When we share it, we empower others to navigate their paths." Nthabeleng Seitlheko a journalist and one of the World Vision winners of the 2022 media engagements awards in child protection and justice for children, adds, "Every decision we make shapes realities. Our wisdom is the wheel steering us toward progress." An embroidery woven with wisdom unfolds, showcasing women as architects of change guided by the light of experience and understanding.

World Vision African Womens Month
Nthabeleng Seitlheko, 2022 Winner of the WVIL Media Engagement Award on Child Protection & Justice for Children


Unity in Empowerment

As African Women's Month ends, the collective voices of women unite in a chorus of empowerment. Nthabiseng Melao, Mamello Tsekoa, Lieketseng Makoko, Mpai Putsoa, Lerato Lehela, Pulane Mokhethi, Nthabeleng Seitlheko, represent the harmonious symphony of unity, empowerment, and transformative action. As Women of Virtue and Valor, they stand at the threshold of change, wielding virtues, valor, and wisdom as their tools. The call is heard, the path is clear – let us lead, inspire, and transform, for we are the architects of change the world has long awaited.

Libeboho Lebese , A young change maker for children's rights in Lesotho, adds her voice to the chorus, "Our mothers and sisters lead with courage, and they show us that every voice matters, no matter how young. Their strength inspires us to stand up for what is right and fair for all children."

World Vision African Womens Month
World Vision women in a joyful circle in celebration of African Women's Month, standing together as a symbol of strength and empowerment.


The journey from a world of stifled voices to an era of empowerment is a tale of transformation that spans generations. With Esther's courage, the virtues of Proverbs, and the voices of modern visionaries, the narrative has shifted. As African Women's Month fades, the legacy of empowerment remains. The stories of the past intertwine with the present, fueling a movement of Women of Virtue and Valor.

Together, they rise, bound by a shared purpose and a deep belief that their influence is not a mere coincidence, but a force designed for this very moment. As architects of change, they lead, inspire, and transform, embodying the promise of a brighter, more equitable future for all.