World Vision women in action as champions of change

Womans Month Celebration
Wednesday, August 2, 2023

By: Lerato Brown, Communications and Marketing Manager, Lesotho

World Vision stands as a beacon of hope, driven by its unyielding commitment to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls worldwide. As Women's Month unfolds, we gather to celebrate the extraordinary women who have made it their life's mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children, families, and communities in Lesotho.

Among these remarkable women is Maleshoane Maqelepo, a Safeguarding Advocacy & Development Coordinator whose passion for safeguarding children knows no bounds. Witnessing the profound impact of World Vision's work in transforming children's lives fueled Maleshoane’s determination to be part of this incredible journey. "Every child deserves a chance to grow, learn, and dream without fear," Maleshoane affirms, her voice resonating with conviction.

Child protection and sponsorship
Maleshoane Maqelepo with young parliamentarians at the regional childrens parliament


As a woman, Maleshoane understands the significance of connection. "I can create a nurturing and empathetic environment where children feel heard and valued," she shares. For Maleshoane, witnessing the smiles on the faces of the children she helps is an immeasurable reward that brings their dreams to life.

But Maleshoane’s voice is just one among many powerful testimonies of World Vision International Lesotho women who tirelessly strive to bring about change. Portia Ramoloko, a Community Development Coordinator, embodies hope itself, inspiring families to thrive despite adversity. Her indomitable spirit ignites a flame of resilience in those she serves, transforming despair into hope and hardships into opportunities for growth.

Community Development
Portia Ramoloko delivering schoolbooks and helping children write their introduction letters and e- letters to their sponsors.


Relebohile Mafisa, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Technical Coordinator, believes that education is the key to transforming their communities and experiencing life in all its fullness. "I have seen how education can empower children to build a brighter future," Relebohile shares. Her dedication to improving access to quality education through provision of access to water, sanitation & hygiene in schools and how it has lit up the lives of countless children, motivating them to dream big and reach for the stars.

WASH in schools
Relebohile Mafisa shares in the joy of WASH services implemented in schools  so that children can stay healthy and focused on learning.


Mampho Motsiba, a Health, HIV/AIDS & Nutrition Technical Development Coordinator, is driven by a deep-seated belief that no child should suffer from preventable illnesses or malnutrition. Her tireless efforts in delivering life-saving interventions have saved lives and provided parents with the peace of mind that their children's health is in caring hands.

Health, HIV/AIDS & Nutrition
Mampho Motsiba, with World Vision registered school children celebrating good health and nutrition and the joy of experiencing life in all fullness.


Mamello Kao, a Livelihoods and Resilience Project Officer, envisions economic empowerment as a path to self-sufficiency. "By empowering women to generate income and contribute to their households, we are breaking down barriers to progress and breaking the cycles of poverty," Mamello asserts. Her dedication has uplifted families and empowered communities to create lasting change.

Livelihoods& Resilience
Mamello Kao excited at the Resilient Livelihoods Exhibition that aimed to promote woman's economic empowerment by giving them access to opportunities, services and resuorces to showcase their work


World Vision International Lesotho stands in its commitment to value people, especially the incredible women who contribute immeasurably to the lives of children, families, and communities. Inspired by Proverbs 31:26,  we recognize the power of women's wisdom, kindness, and leadership in transforming lives; through their devotion and love, World Vision women create a ripple effect of positive change.

Empowering women leads to stronger, more prosperous communities as they invest building back better within their communities towards resilient families and communities. Their passion knows no bounds as they become catalysts for hope and transformation, one child at a time.

As we commemorate Women's Month, let the voices of these extraordinary women shine brightly, inspiring others to dream big and make a difference. Together, as women, they embrace their calling to build a world where every child's dreams can come true. World Vision International Lesotho celebrates its women staff members, who through their love and dedication, transform lives and bring hope to those in need.

People and Culture
People and Culture honours World Vision women on Mother's Day living up to the World Vision value " We Value People.' 


In this grand tapestry of life, World Vision women stand united, their voices echoing a chorus of compassion, determination, and empowerment. With every step they take, they pave the way towards a brighter, more equitable future for all. As we honor these women, let us all strive for gender equality, empowering every woman and girl to create a world where hope, joy, and justice prevail, transforming lives and uplifting humanity.