#ENOUGH, World Vision Lesotho's Call to End Hunger

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Lesotho's Call for #Enough

In the heart of Lesotho, where mountains touch the sky,
A tale of hunger whispers, a nation's silent cry.
Land of beauty, resilience, where dreams are sown,
Yet, the echoes of hunger linger, a challenge to disown.

Beneath the vast African sky, where sunsets paint in gold,
A nation strives for progress, for a future to unfold.
Yet, food insecurity, a daunting shadow cast,
A barrier to development, a challenge to outlast.

Five hundred eighty thousand, voices in need,
A population yearning, for every mouth to feed.
In the hills and in the valleys, where rivers gently flow,
Enough is not a promise, but a dream to sow.

The hunger index whispers, a number etched in fate,
Two point nine percent, hunger at the gate.
Lesotho strives for progress, for hunger to be free.

Child stunting, a statistic etched in time,
Thirty-three to thirty-five, a mountain hard to climb.

Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey and Demographics and Health Survey,

the numbers intertwine,
A challenge to the nation, a call to redefine.

Wasting, a word that shadows childhood grace,
Three percent in the embrace of hunger's cold embrace.
Yet, obesity dances, a paradox so keen,
Six point six percent, in a world unseen.

Child mortality, a heavy burden to bear,
Eighty point two percent, a cry upon the air.
In every birth, a hope, a fragile chance,
To break the chains of hunger's deadly dance.

Micronutrient deficiencies, a silent foe,
Iron deficiency anemia, a battle row by row.
Fifty-one percent, a struggle to endure,
Yet, in the face of scarcity, Lesotho remains pure.

In this dance of numbers, a nation's silent plea,
Lesotho stands resilient, determined to be free.
Through the #Enough campaign, a promise in the air,
A pledge to end the hunger, a burden all must bear.

For in the mountains of Lesotho, where dreams take flight,
The #Enough campaign unfolds, a beacon shining bright.
To break the chains of hunger, to sow a future fair,
In Lesotho's heart, a promise in the air.

Children's echoes join the call, voices clear and bright,
"Enough nutritious food for all, a universal right.
In schools where minds take flight, let education thrive,
With enough good food, every child shall survive.

Environmental sustainability, a plea from youthful hearts,
To protect the Earth, where every life imparts.
Government responsibility, a call to those in might,
Ensure enough for every child, in the day and the night

Campaign asks resound, a rallying cry,
With enough people like you, we can touch the sky.
Enough nutritious food, government funds in hand,
Political will, a force to span the land.

Africa unites, a chorus strong and true,
Say Enough, Act Enough, and Give Enough too.
In prayer and action, let our voices be,
A world where no child knows hunger's decree."


By: Lerato Brown