Inaugurated toilets

World Vision supports communities to access improved water and sanitation facilities

Gicumbi, 19th November 2020. In partnership with Gicumbi District leadership, World Vision Rwanda officially inaugurated improved water and sanitation facilities that were built in Rutare sector to support communities’ hygiene and sanitation efforts.

In celebration of World Toilet Day under the theme of sustainable sanitation and climate change, World Vision, a key player in bringing access to clean water and sanitation facilities to a number of communities in Rwanda, together with District Officials of Gicumbi District –presided over by the Governor of northern province– officially inaugurated the hand-washing facilities built at Rutare Health Centre and a water supply system in the community that was constructed by World Vision in partnership with the district.

Sustainable sanitation systems such as the proper use of latrines and good management of septic tanks and treatment plants make productive use of waste to safely boost agriculture and reduce emissions for greener energy. Along with the water supply systems and hand-washing stations, World Vision in the last fiscal year enabled communities to construct over 48,000 latrines that today serve over 151,000 people across the country as well as over 300 latrines in schools serving over 30,000 students. The facilities in schools include rooms for persons with limited mobility as well as rooms for menstrual hygiene management.

World Vision Representative
World Vision's Senior Field Operations Manager, Edward Musoni, at the inauguration.


Speaking to stakeholders at the inaugural event, the Governor of northern province, Hon. Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney appreciated the good Government leadership and thanked World Vision for their partnership with the district to serve communities, and called upon residents of Rutare sector to be more keen on health and sanitation issues; more especially in these times of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“I would like to thank World Vision for preparing this day and also installing water and sanitation facilities” said Hon. Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney. “World Toilet Day exists because it is important to have a toilet. The first thing a person needs is to eat and the second is a restroom. You cannot eat and not go to the restroom. When you leave this place, inspect your toilets and check their cleanness standards" he added.

The Governor of the Northern province addresing the community
Hon. Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney appreciated the good Government leadership and thanked World Vision for their partnership with the district to serve communities.


World Vision incorporates a component of behaviour change communications in its Health, Water and Sanitation programme where communities are also trained on how to adopt good health and sanitation practices, as well as, most recently, COVID-19 prevention measures.