Monday, October 5, 2015
A stroke of cluck can change a life
Erastus, like many young guys his age, likes football. His love for the game is evidenced by the Manchester United jersey he proudly wears while he plays with some of the children he knows.  
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A HungerFree World is Possible
We have a dream that one day, we’ll live in a hunger-free world.A world where children don’t have to worry about food, but can instead focus on learning and growth.A world where there are no hunger statistics because there is no hunger.A world where sharing a meal becomes an act of joy because food is secure. Between now and World Food Day (Friday, October 16) – you’re invited to join others all over the world and double-up for a hunger-free world.What does that mean, you ask?
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September 14th 2015
Education and the Forgotten Boy Child
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July 10th 2015