Casa Arica: a shelter of hope for migrants and refugees

Friday, April 14, 2023

We are proud to introduce Casa Arica, the World Vision Chile friendly space for migrants and refugees in situations of vulnerability.

Since 2019, as part of the International Project Hope Without Borders, Casa Arica offers social services specifically designed for people in mobility situations. Basic services such as WASH (safe water and sanitation), connectivity and information; educational support; breastfeeding and changing areas; playroom and stimulation, as well as thematic workshops, are provided. It also provides individualized or group psychopedagogical support through networks that address specific cases related to domestic or peer violence, among others.

In addition, multipurpose coupons are provided along with school kits, disposable female diapers (to combat menstrual poverty), daily snacks, and emergency rent subsidies. Up to 2022, over 1847 people and 1040 families have received support to improve their conditions, and 779 girls, boys, and adolescents have received psychopedagogical assistance. Thanks to the World Vision Chile team for their humanitarian work!