Friday, February 28, 2014
Community looks after its own
A community has started taking care of the less privileged by sewing uniforms for orphaned school children as well as assisting with their food. This is a result of the partnership between the local Area Development Programme (ADP) and the churches around the area.A group of children brave the scorching October afternoon heat to queue and to receive a well labelled pack. On closer look, one sees that the pack, bearing the recipient’s name, is a modest home sewn school uniform, a set of exercise books and other stationery, as well as a pair of sandals.
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Life Course Immunization project improving the health of marginalized communities in Zimbabwe
Life Course Immunization project improving the health of marginalized communities in Zimbabwe
The Channels of Hope model being implemented under the Pfizer Foundation-funded “Life Course Immunisation” project is transforming the lives of marginalized communities in Gokwe. Channels of Hope is a methodology World Vision uses to mobilise community leaders, and especially faith leaders, to respond to core issues affecting their communities such as HIV and AIDS, gender equity, gender-based violence, child protection and other important social issues.
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December 24th 2018
IGATE transforms girl's life in Zimbabwe
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July 15th 2016
Supporting small holder farmers in Zimbabwe
In Bubi District, Hauke irrigation scheme was completed in 2012. The community engaged WV to build on the work originally initiated by the European Commission and the Government of Zimbabwe, to complete the irrigation of the land and the building of canals. In the most recent cycle (July-December, 2012),150 workers including 66 plot holders were involved in the 4 months of labour for site clearing, stumping and canal rehabilitation.
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June 15th 2015
WV Zimbabwe Built School Officially Opened
Newline Primary School, a learning centre wholly constructed by World Vision Zimbabwe was officially opened on April 8, 2014.Newline, has been an appendage of a much bigger Brunapeg Primary since 2005, and will henceforth be a standalone school that conducts examinations on its own.World Vision Zimbabwe’s Sanzukwi Area Development Programme worked with the local community in building the school.Phillip Ncube, the school development committee chairperson said the official opening of the school marked an important milestone for the community.
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May 6th 2014