"I miss my bed" - Syrian refugees prepare for another night in the cold

With hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the fighting in Syria, many families are seeking refuge in Serbia, from where they can travel on to Hungary - a major entry point in to the EU.

World Vision emergency response staff met with families in Belgrade. Many are sleeping in a public park, with little or no protection from the cold.

World Vision will initially be providing essential relief items to the most vulnerable people - mothers and children - at the Subotica and Kanjiza camps in northern Serbia, near the Hungarian border. Items being provided include diapers, baby cream, soap, toys, toothbrushes, tooth paste, shampoo, disinfectant and female personal hygiene items.

Meanwhile our longterm response to the crisis continues in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria.

Further funding is urgently needed to support children and families who need it most.