Young Leaders for Change 


World Children's Day 2022 
UNCRC 33rd Anniversary 


For us, it is very important to commemorate the new anniversary of the Convention because thank to this, many of us are now able to speak up on many relevant topics, for example, poverty, violence against children, mental health, climate change, and everything that is happening around us. 

  • Children’s rights are not a privilege of just a few but someone but rather for all, as rights are an essential part of the existence of everyone without any discrimination. 

  • Children and young people must be supported to learn about the importance of our rights and to have the tools and skills required to engage in social causes to defend and promote our rights. 

  • Children and young people need more space and better opportunities to create new ways to participate and find solutions to the challenges that affect us. 

  • Children and young people must be protected from child marriage, and conditions need to be created to empower girls to stay at school and wait for a proper age to get married. 

  • Children and young people who get pregnant should not be stigmatised, and never be denied their right to schooling. 

  • Children and young people caught in armed conflicts deserve better protection and more opportunities to study, health access, and family reunification. 

  • Children and young people deserve a better planet, and leaders should take immediate action to stop the current climate catastrophe. 

Lastly, here are two important messages from us: 


Our age does not define our abilities 

Nothing about us without us