Children are Protected and Participating


What we want to do: 

We want to see children who know they are loved by God and their neighbors and who are cared for, protected and participating in the decisions that affect them and their lives. We are working towards this by:

  • Ensuring families and communities understand children’s rights.
  • Helping families understand the importance of birth registration.
  • Making sure children live in safe communities with adequate places to play and develop.
  • Making sure children are respected and allowed to participate in decisions that affect them.
  • Mobilizing communities and churches to act on issues of injustice 
What's the Problem?

Limited knowledge about the rights of children coupled with religious and cultural practices that inhibit children in realizing their full potential, especially girl children. This, coupled with poor referral systems, makes it hard to seek support when children’s rights are not being respected and the inability of children to gain access to their birth certificates due to knowledge and policy gaps. 

How is World Vision addressing these issues?

We are working with parents, community and religious leaders to ensure everyone—including children—understand and respect the rights of children.  World Vision is also partnering with faith leaders and churches in raising awareness on child rights issues. 

Is What World Vision doing working?

Yes! In 2018 children were supported with leadership and other skills enabling their greater participation in programs and activities. A total of 207,057 children and 117,233 adults were reached. Of these 73,924 are children in the Sponsorship program. A total of 9,981 children were assisted to access their birth certificates.