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Japan Platform Project - Phase 5

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Project Snapshot


Project Start Date: 1 Oct 2021

Duration: 10 Months

Direct Beneficiaries: 2,130 IDPs, Returnees and Host Communities

Location: West Mosul in Ninewa Governorate, Iraq

Funded by: Japan Platform

As the largest destination for internally displaced people, West Mosul's infrastructure continues to be insufficient to the needs of the population, especially as a lot of it was damaged during the conflict. In addition, West Mosul is one of the most impacted districts by COVID-19. The dual impact of war and COVID-19 has negatively affected thousands of children who are stressed and in need of support. The grant from the Japan Platform will help us contribute to the healthy growth of children in western Mosul by implementing child protection and water, sanitation and hygiene activities in communities and schools and addressing the psychological impact of conflict, violence, and poverty on children.
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Key Actions

  • Provide light, learning materials and school equipment to targeted schools including provision of child friendly, gender and disability sensitive education and WASH facilities

  • Provision of teaching materials and school equipment to the targeted school

  • Child protection and child safeguarding training for PTAs

  • Training for teachers on TiCC, remote learning platform and CP

  • Training case workers & project staff on child and adult safeguarding standards and child protection

  • Establish cleaning and disinfection schedule for each school to ensure maintaining a clean and safe environment

  • Provide cleaning and disinfection supplies (chlorine, detergents, mop, buckets) for each school

  • Install hand washing stations with hand sanitizers dispensers in schools

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• The most vulnerable children in West Mosul have access to quality education in a safe environment

• The most vulnerable children in West Mosul have improved protective environment to promote their safety and healthy growth

• The most vulnerable conflict affected school children in Ninewa have improved access to quality educational, and WASH services