A ‘goat-gift’ brings glasses of milk

“Watch him drink it down!” his father Nevruz exclaimed on a recent cold and rainy October afternoon. The wet season had come to central Albania and the entire family of nine was huddled in the small sitting room to talk with a visitor about their new goats. The milk, heated on the wood burning stove, brought a broad smile to Florenc’s face in between huge gulps.

Nevruz makes about two dollars a day on the rare occasion that he can find work hauling produce and materials with his horse-drawn cart. Albania is the poorest country in Europe and the Gurabardhi family barely clings to the lowest rung of subsistence.

“Our land is poor quality and we grow a little food for ourselves. The goats are a blessing because they have an axe with themselves.” The World Vision Community Coordinator explains, “What he means is that the goat can feed itself – her sharp teeth serve as a cutting tool to gather food.”

This is indeed a blessing as the Gurabardhi family has no money for livestock forage. They can barely feed themselves.

The World Vision staff in conjunction with the Community Working Group in Elbasan identified the Gurabardhi family’s need and provided them with the goats in July. Every fifth family in the program also receives a he-goat – thus permitting all beneficiaries to increase the size of their herd. Some beneficiaries sell the baby goats four or five months after birth for about 25 dollars.

Although he needs the money, Nevruz will not sell the first offspring due early next year. “I will not sell them,” he said. “We need the milk.”

While leaving the family’s house Nevruz shakes hands with an iron-like grasp. “I will take good care of these goats and I thank World Vision. I consider World Vision’s help a great assistance to my family.”

A blast of cold air cools the home as Nevruz opens the door – it will be a very hard winter for the Gurabardhi family. Yet it will be more bearable for young Florenc thanks to the kindness of donors working with World Vision. In central Albania, one family’s life is now a little bit better.