Children raise their voices against discrimination

“Our desire is to say ‘stop the discrimination against women,’” chanted 11 girls between the ages of 11, 13 and 14, members of World Vision’s Child Protection group, from Elbasan Area Development Programme. This is the group’s second initiative. One year ago, the students hung posters along the main street of Elbasan with awareness messages, written by them, to promote the equality of in their community.

Supported by World Vision, the children organized a similar outreach in their school. They shared messages and poetry on this topic which they performed in front of their teachers and their classmates.

“We [are doing] this activity because we see lots of women in our area being  humiliated and not treated as equal with men. We will do awareness initiatives, such as this one, to say them that this is not the way it should be,” said Melisa, 13, one of the group’s members.

In addition to advocating for gender equality the group has also been raising awareness about safe use of the internet by sharing the online risks through drama presentations and poetry.

The following are photos of a recent activity they held at one of the schools in the Elbasan area.