Children use their art to seek for their rights

Fourteen children and youth, members of the “Child Rights Group”, between the ages of 12 and 16, from Malecaj village, (one of the poorest villages covered by Lezha Area Development Programme) decided to use their photography skills to help other see the problems they face in their village every day. Poverty, poor conditions in their school, homes and village, and the violations of their rights are those topics that children identified the most.

After taking the photos, the children selected the 45 best images and organized an exhibition with theaim to spread their messages to a larger audience. The exhibition took place in the Cultural Palace of Lezha. More than 50 participants from various walks of life: government officials, school staff, parents and peers visited the exhibition and saw the children’s art and their concerns. They used this opportunity to raise their voices and to be examples for other children so that together they can make their community a better place for everyone.