Gif Kit, Joy and happiness for children in Albania

201 registered children in World Vision’s sponsorship programme, between the ages of 3 and 17 participated this year in the Gif Kit activities organized by World Vision in the area of Dibra. Children were equipped with a special gift made of cloths, socks, towels, sport suits, hair clips, etc. Each bag had the name of the child written own it.
Each child wore a T- shirt with the message: “Thank you my friend for keeping me in your heart”.

During the activity children played with animators, did face painting and together with their parents organized working groups and learned how to built healthy relationship with their peers, parents how to grow their self esteem, to know themselves better, to communicate batter, know their rights and how to work and play in teams.
For a small number of children who could not attend the activities World Vision delivered the gifts in their homes. Hasbi, a father of an registered child, Ersila 8, said: “I am very happy that my child had a god time. I thank my child’s sponsor for the gifts. The letters Ersila receives from her sponsor are a special joy for her. Thank you.”
Aiming also to help children have a warmer and comfortable environment in their schools, World Vision supported four schools in difficult conditions. Approx 209 students have now stoves in their classes, new proper windows and doors, floored room, aid and didactic materials.

Find in pictures some of those precious moments reflected in children’s faces: