Children with disabilities celebrated on National Children’s Day

“Today is the 1st of June, it is a festival like New Year’s, Easter, Mother’s day”, said ‘Miss School 2006’ 12-year-old Modesa Petriti.

Modesa is paralyzed but extremely bright and independent-minded, she said “I want to be a lawyer when I grow up because I can work all day on the computer”.

“We are thankful for World Vision’s funding for this special event. There is a very small budget for the school and especially for such an event like this. We almost had to empty our pockets to organize the event until World Vision came knocking at our door”, said the Director of the special school.

“Since we have approached the school about organizing the celebration, we have been in an ongoing dialogue of providing other needs to the school”, said Elida Jashari, World Vision education staff.

World Vision and Boy Scout of Vlora city organized a party for some 100 children with disabilities from Vlora city. Boy Scout of Vlora city also contributed US$150 to the event while World Vision matched the resources and together selected and purchased small gifts for all the children as well as the rental the facility.

Children from two children’s clubs aged from 6-14 years of age, organised forums to give students an opportunity to voice their needs and undertake initiatives to improve informal education opportunities.

World Vision continues to promote children as true agents of change in developing better Albania for the children.